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Chris Selley: A bizarre, unfathomable pandemic screw-up Canadian officials will have to answer for

Not only did our public health officials fail to learn the headline lesson from the SARS Report, many of them sounded borderline deranged

On Thursday, Ottawa’s public transit agency announced that passengers and staff would have to wear a mask or face covering in order to come aboard. The rule comes into effect on June 15 

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Masks seem to be working to fight the virus, even as some refuse them and US deaths near 100,000

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Masks: Everything you need to know but might be too afraid to ask

Health officials are recommending you wear a mask in public as an added layer of protection against COVID-19. Many people have been making their own masks at home. (CBC News)

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Canadians should wear masks as an 'added layer of protection,' says Tam

PM says his 'personal choice' to wear mask in public is aligned with health recommendations

Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam now says Canadians should wear masks in public in situations where physical distancing is impossible. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press)Canada's chief public health officer says Canadians should wear a mask as an "added layer of protection" whenever physical distancing is not possible.
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Some grocery chains now require shoppers to wear a face mask

Grocery chains such as Longos and Costco in the U.S. now require shoppers to wear face masks while other retailers, such as Whole Foods, are requesting it of customers. (Amazon)
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