How to Avoid Losing Masks at School

Students across Canada are returning to the classroom this fall with a new back to school essential – the mask. While masks may not stop your child from getting the coronavirus, health officials advise that wearing a non-medical cloth mask can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here are three ways to stop your kids from losing the bloody things at school.

 1. Pack Another Brown Bag.

After six months, many parents are back to packing lunches. YAY. The least favourite activity of almost every parent on earth. Kids will be taking off their masks to eat which spells an increased chance for their mask to get L-O-S-T. So... tuck a brown bag into their lunch box to stash the mask when eating. Kids can place their mask in or on the brown bag with outer surfaces folded together to keep clear of germs and other kids hands.

 2. Personalize Your Masks.

Many parents have opted for cloth masks over disposable masks for environmental, style and sizing reasons.  This means three masks per child according to Dr. Clase, an associate professor and member of the Centre of Excellence in Protective Equipment and Materials at McMaster University, who has been researching the efficacy of cloth masks ( You’ll need one mask to wear while the other is being washed and a spare – chances are if you’re reading this blog you’re out of spares!

Here’s an idea to avoid funding the Lost & Foundadd your child’s initials to their masks. Our Back to School Kit features 3 Bamboo cloth masks with soft adjustable ear straps embroidered with up to 3 letters in their favourite colour. Charcoal fibres wick moisture so comfortable for extended wearing. Personalized masks come in two sizes; kids and teenagers/adults. Shop Now


 3. Use a Lanyard.

Here’s an idea almost as ingenious as mittens on a string. It’s a long school day so kids will be taking their masks off and on frequently – it’s inevitable (here’s a guide to removing masks safely).

Why not have your kids wear a lanyard so they can attach their mask when not using. This will prevent masks from getting dropped on the playground or lost during the school day.  


As a bonus tip…because not all masks go missing at school. Try keeping two bins by your front door – one for dirty masks and one for clean masks. This makes it easy for kids to grab a clean mask on the way out the door, and drop off their dirty one when returning home.

For more information on preparing your kids for COVID-19 back to school rules, check out these two great resources: